We produce and supply various types of vanilla beans directly from our plantations and curing facility in Ampanefena, near Sambava in the SAVA region of Madagascar to Asia and the rest of the world.

We have the capacity to produce and export up to 50 Tons of cured vanilla per year to:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Flavours and Fragrance companies
  • Food Wholesalers and distributors


The problem in the market

Whenever we speak with our clients, we tend to hear the same recurring issues:

  • They need a reliable supplier who can produce enough quantity to cater for their annual needs. Other suppliers in Asia are unable to produce enough vanilla (multiple tons per year) which slows down manufacturing processes.
  • The quality of the vanilla beans they are getting tend to go down while…
  • The price keeps shooting up. It makes it impossible to accurately forecast and control production costs.


Why our clients work with Madanilla

Industrial buyers and wholesalers source from Madanilla:

  • To secure all their vanilla beans annual requirements to ensure smooth business continuity and production
  • To get a guarantee on the premium quality of the vanilla beans while having full traceability on its origin
  • To source directly at the lowest local pricing by partnering with our local farmers and producers and bypass all traditional middlemen who apply multiple mark ups in the supply chain


The best time to source vanilla

Green vanilla beans are ripe and typically harvested in the months of May/June. Then starts the curing processes detailed on this page from June to October/November after which the Madagascar government kicks off the exports season.

This year, as there has been good weather and solid vanilla crops, the exports are likely to start by the end of September.

This means that September to October is typically the best time of the year to source freshly cured vanilla beans from this year’s harvest. The first exports will bring the best quality vanilla to the world before stocks run out and we will have to wait for the next year’s season.


Our products

All our products are vanilla planifolia (Bourbon Vanilla) and come from Madagascar.



Black vanilla is the creme de la creme of the Bourbon vanilla. Easily recognisable from others, Gourmet quality vanilla is very rare as it typically represents about 5% of our total production. It requires fully matured vanilla beans and favourable weather during the curing processes detailed on this page.

Available lengths10-12 cm | 13-14 cm | 15cm+
Outer AppearanceBlack, dark brown, supple, oily, fleshy, non-split
Vanillin Content2%+
Moisture Content30% to 35%
UsePastry, Ice cream, Fine dining restaurants Chefs, Catering, Food industry
PackagingVanilla bundles with a raffia tie packed in 25kg carton boxes
Pod weight4g to 4.5g
AvailabilityAll year round up to 500 Kg


TK Vanilla is black, drier than Gourmet vanilla due to a lower moisture content yet a high vanillin content. It has a very attractive vanillin content per weight ratio, making it popular for versatile use. As those beans are less humid and lighter, they offer the advantage of containing more pods per kilo vs the Gourmet quality kind.

Available lengths10-12 cm | 13-14 cm | 15cm+
Outer AppearanceBlack, chocolate colour and can have few red filaments.
Supple like Gourmet vanilla but drier and thinner
Vanillin Content1.4% to 2%
Moisture content26% to 30%
UsePastry, Ice cream, Fine dining restaurants Chefs, Catering, Food industry
PackagingVanilla bundles with a raffia tie packed in 25kg carton boxes
Pod weight3g to 3.5g
AvailabilityUpon request


Red vanilla or extraction vanilla is used by industrial companies who will extract the vanillin content from the vanilla beans and transform it in extracts or natural aroma.

Unlike the Gourmet market, industrials typically look for a dryer product as moisture is not needed in the manufacturing process. A dry product by definition contains less water and is lighter making it a strong value for money alternative when vanilla is traded by kilo.

Available lengths10-12 cm | 13-17 cm
Outer AppearanceBrown to red colour with reddish reflections
Supple but drier and thinner than TK Vanilla
Vanillin Content1.4% to 2%
Moisture content20% to 24%
UseExtraction for making flavour and fragrance extracts, typically processed by manufacturers to produce liquid vanilla extract or vanilla essence
PackagingVanilla bundles with a raffia tie packed in 25kg carton boxes
Pod weight2.5g to 3g
AvailabilityUpon request


Short vanilla is a mix of TK and Red vanilla qualities with a size between 10cm to 14cm.


This quality is defined by short vanilla beans (<10cm) and broken beans. As industrial companies end up cutting the beans into small bits to make extracts, the actual length of the beans is not an important factor. This is a good alternative to source very cost effective vanilla bits for manufacturing purposes.


Vanilla powder is made from crushed vanilla beans that are then finely sieved. Because they contain the whole crushed beans, the aroma will not be as strong as with the scraped seeds from black or TK vanilla beans. However, vanilla powder is excellent in pastry, F&B business and catering as you can easily put the right quantity in the mixes.


For any enquiries, please contact us directly at [email protected] with your requirements of vanilla type, quantity and destination country.