Happy New Year 2018! Make It Madly Beautiful!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2018!

Manahoana* (Hello in Malagasy) Mad People,

2017 is done and dusted. And what a year it has been. The first year Madanilla is in business in Singapore which makes most of you a pioneer in our quest to change the vanilla world by connecting consumers directly to Madagascar farmers. Why? So you get the best quality vanilla directly from those who make it. This way we’re sure the profits go back to those who do the work.

Let’s make room to a brand new 2018. I wish you all a healthy, rewarding and fulfilling new year. While anyone would have her own definition of ‘fulfilling’, here’s my take on it: 1) Strengthening existing relationships with the people you care about, friends and family, and forming new ones. Expanding your network of close connections that you know you can count on. I’m so proud to see the Madanilla family growing day by day.
And 2) Overcoming obstacles, solving new problems, getting on the other side of the river no matter what. Making that new dessert recipes you’ve been dreading to try… 😉

What happened yesterday in our fields is a good metaphor of it. Our workers were on their way to our crops with vanilla plants to grow. Over night the rain made the river flow rise flooding the road to get there. What did they do? Check it out.




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