Gong Xi Fa Cai


Aren’t you tired of Wishes…? New Year Wishes, Chinese New Year Wishes…

Wishes sound passive to me… As in you wish for things to happen to you?

What if the Year of the Pig was the Year we “Make” things happen for us? What if the lunar new year was the time you decided to commit to have the best year you’ve ever had in all areas of life, spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, bakingly…?

That is my only Wish for you all, vanilla lovers, distributors, bakers, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, home bakers, executive chefs, ice cream markers, food and beverage manufacturers…

Thank you for shopping with Madanilla and supporting tens of vanilla worker jobs in Madagascar to provide you with the highest quality vanilla. That’s our promise to you.

Keep It Real.


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