A Bourbon vanilla flavoured bourbon by Jim Beam

Vanilla can be paired with many things: the classic vanilla crème brûlée, to Madanilla’s very own, the exotic soursop vanilla jam and of course, old faithful, vanilla ice cream. Here at Madanilla, the only thing we love after vanilla are things that pair wonderfully with it – which brings us to the recent release of perhaps our two favourite “bourbons” – Madagascar bourbon vanilla fused with, well, bourbon.

This blissful bourbon vanilla creation was released by Jim Beam Suntory just a couple of weeks ago. As you would expect, Jim Beam sourced high quality Madagascar vanilla bean to make a liqueur with their own classic Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. According to the company, the “subtle Madagascar vanilla bean with hints of oak and caramel bourbon notes” produces “a sweet vanilla aroma and golden brown color”. Early cocktails proposals from the mixologists is a simple mixture of the vanilla infused bourbon with cola. Jim Beam’s brand partner Mila Kunis said she was excited about the new innovation (of course she would, wouldn’t she?). “If you’re like me, you love the taste of bourbon but are sometimes looking for something a little different. Jim Beam Vanilla is perfect when I want a touch of flavor.”

Actually, Jim Beam are a little slow to the vanilla and drinks syntheses. There are many variations of cocktails utilising vanilla, for example the Baileys Vanilla Silk. Regardless of what you want to use and mix, utilising real, premium Madagascar vanilla beans will guarantee that extra special touch at your next event.

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